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mail to:  eddie@byf8th.com


ByF8th is inviting new players to join us for the 2010 season.  Our plans are to participate in the AZPPL Premiere and PSP leagues.  We will only have a single team this year playing Division 2.  Im looking for players who can play at a D2 level of competition.  In fact Im looking for those players who want to podium this coming season.  ByF8th was able to do this once this year at the Phoenix Open.  We were one of the few AZ teams to accomplish this nationally.  There are many excellent players in AZ wondering what their options are for 2010.  There are a number of excellent players in AZ that play on good teams outside of AZ because we have a limited number of good organized competitive teams for them to join.  If you are in this situation, then please strongly consider playing for ByF8th.  The benefits for playing on ByF8th is like playing on a private club team similar to soccer or baseball club teams.  There is an organization that coaches, manages logistics for tournaments, negotiates sponsorships, branding of team, inspires players to perform at their highest abilities and promotes good sportsmanship and leadership.  If these are things you desire when you play on a paintball team, we are the team for you.

This season the team will be managed a little differently then how we operated in the past.  I will manage the team as though it is a collegiate team.  Each player that rosters on ByF8th will receive a player scholarship.  The scholarship will entitle you to all the benefits and sponsorships that the team receives for the 2010 season.  Benefits include discounts we receive from our store sponsorship from APD (paint, gunsmithing, FAP entrance fees, etc) and paintball gear packages negotiated for the upcoming season.  Weve had the privilege for the last 3 years to shoot and wear Dye paintball equipment and gear.  Plus a nice bonus is the opportunity to have your picture published in a major paintball publication because of our relationship with Paintball Photography.  Nothing is free, but the discounts weve been able to negotiate do help lessen the overall cost to participate in paintball.  The scholarship will require a player to commit to play on ByF8th for the 2010 season, agree to standard terms and conditions to standard sportsmanship and representing any sponsorships granted to the team.  My goal is putting the best team on the field to win.  We have 4 seasons of playing PSP under our belt and are ready to elevate our game this coming season.

So what are the steps you need to take if you are considering joining ByF8th?  First contact me directly either PM me on PBAZ (byf8th) or email me to eddie@byf8th.com.  I will call you and discuss your interests and goals similar to an interview.  After our discussion, it will determine if you will need to attend one of our tryouts.  We will be conducting tryouts on Jan 10th and Jan 17th at FAP.   The second tryout date is in case of bad weather or you were not on your game at the first tryout and want a second chance or conflict with a prior engagement.  I will post more information about the tryouts shortly.

For D1 and Semi-Pro ranked players, if you desire to play on ByF8th for either/both AZPPL Premiere or PSP leagues, please contact me.  We should be able to roster 2 D1 and 1 Semi-Pro player for the 2010 season.

Im very excited that we are expanding our player base this coming season.  Ive seen a lot of excellent players in AZ develop and mature over the years.  I would love the opportunity to coach you and give you chance to podium at each event as a AZ team.  I look forward to an exciting season and want you to be part of this season on ByF8th.


Coach Eddie